Having inground swimming pools built within your home or in the backyard is one of the ways to flaunt off your riches. Owning a swimming pool is also a mirror to your gorgeous lifestyle. However, it is not always right that you need to be a wealthy person to afford such pool installation. You can easily afford a concrete pool without going beyond your comfortable budget range. A variety of designs are available and you can choose any of them as per your budget range and preference.

Fiber glass pools are quite popular though you can choose vinyl or concrete pools too. In fact, those who build pools in their garden go with concrete material. Options are a lot for the grab, you just need to make up your mind. Those who like the most basic shape and buy a set shape usually prefer fiber as the material. It takes a lot of effort to build vinyl pool because vinyl sheeting needs to be installed. Obviously, you need professional help to do that. Keep in mind that vinyl pool installation will be quite expensive for you.

It is fairly easy to install concrete small inground swimming pools. If you can dig a hole, you are the right person to build a concrete swimming pool in your garden. To install such puddles, the floor should be sprayed with a mixed concrete base. After the first coat is dry, second layer is applied. For the final touch, a paint or plaster is applied to smoother the pool edges.

Though fiber glass pool is comparatively durable and more immune to damages but concrete is an ideal material if you want variation with the shapes. Concrete has a more flexible nature that makes it possible for the users to create any shape for their pools. After concrete is layered on the floor and plastic coating is set, the swimming pools will be completely water resistant. Additional protection such as liners or likes is not needed.

For more aesthetic appeal, you may use some amusing features like waterfalls or divers or Jacuzzi jets etc. Innovative addition will make your pool more appealing in the eyes of the beholders. You need to specify those details to your swimming pool contractor because some of these eye-catchers need to be installed in the primary phase of swimming pool construction. These fascinating things are less likely possible on fiberglass pools and so concrete version is more suitable for adaption.

Author’s Bio:

Vinay Menon is a swimming pool designer. He works with an architecture firm. In this blog, he has deliberated on inground swimming pools installation with different materials.  

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